Los Angeles, CA



Name: Carissa Caparas
Location: Los Angeles, CA
AGNT Profile: KRZA
Why did you become a DJ?

It started out as just my way out of working behind the bar and serving tables every weekend and instead got me spinning dope tracks behind the decks on the turntables. And the more I learned the art of DJing from Scratch DJ Academy in West LA, the more I fell in love with the way I can connect with others in the room through music. Because when I hear music, I have this escape from reality, and my body and mind connect with the mood of the particular song. And it is the best feeling when that energy fills up the room and the peeps on the dance floor are in sync with me!!

What / Who are your musical influences?

I love learning about different cultures and enjoy assimilating when I visit a new city or country. Musically, I am absolutely captivated by Latin and Caribbean sounds and instruments. I am also fond of classical music and like composers such as Bach and Beethoven and the female stringed quartet, BOND.

If you had to put one thing on your artist rider, what would it be?

Alkaline water

What is the largest crowd you’ve played in front of?


Besides DJ’ing, what other hobbies do you have?

I LOVE playing my cello, singing and learning languages. I also enjoy working out, editing videos and devouring ANYTHING with Matcha.

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