A Revolution in DJ Bookings

Booking DJs made simple

There are millions of DJs out there, looking for gigs to play. The problem is there’s never been an easy way to book them…until now.

AGNT is a new platform that connects DJs and organizers like never before. With us, the logistical barriers that plague DJ bookings are a thing of the past. We are liberating the system, providing access to thousands of different DJs that fit any style or budget, and a suite of tools that manages every stage of the booking process. With AGNT, anyone can book the perfect DJ for any event, and any DJ can find new gigs, new audiences, and a whole new level of exposure.

Key Benefits

A Faster, Smarter Way to Book

Find professional and accountable DJs for any venue, so you can focus on running the rest of your business.

Advanced management tools

A suite of professional tools that help you manage budget, scheduling, communications, payment records, etc.

Secure payment system

Our automated system protects organizers by securing fees, providing transparency, and ensuring accountability from DJs.

Customizable Search Options

Advanced filters let you fine-tune your search based on music style, event-type budget, location or availability.

Verified rating system

Get an artist you can trust by viewing real ratings and reviews from other organizers for every DJ you book.

Dedicated support

You’ll have access to a dedicated team that can answer your questions and train you on the best ways to use AGNT.